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About Matcha

Matcha (powdered green tea) is a kind of green tea that has been ground to a fine powder, and it is famous for being used in the tea ceremony of Japan.
Matcha contains rich of umami, elegant aroma, and a brilliant green color. It is ideal for flavoring sweets and other foods at restaurants or at home, and it combines particularly well with ice creams, chocolates, baked sweets, and milk-based drinks. Taking Matcha is best way of taking all of nutrition of tea, since you are able to taking whole leaves.


History of Japanese Tea

Traditional stone hand mill
The beginning of Japanese tea came from tea seeds brought by Zen priest Eisai who came back from China in 1191. At that time, tea was used as a medicine. The book about Japanese tea, “Kissa-yojyoki”, written by Eisai, said ‘Tea is a panacea for a prolonging life. This medicine is marvelously effective for longevity.’
Sooner or later, drinking tea was expanded to aristocrats, high priests, upper class samurai. In 16th century, grand tea master Sen-no-Rikyu completed Japanese tea ceremony.
In 17th century, drinking tea and Japanese tea ceremony was expanded to common people.

History of Matcha in Nishio area

Jisouji temple, Nishio
In 1271, the founder of Jisoji-temple, Zen priest Shoichi-kokushi planted tea trees in the precincts and this is said to be the origin of Matcha in Nishio area.
In 17th century, shogun Ieyasu Tokugawa recommended cultivation of tea plants around this area, and made farmers to present tea for him.
In 19th century, Zen priest Kojyuin spread the aggressive cultivation of tea. Efforts in the cultivation of high-quality tea was started prior to other regions, has created the current Matcha industry in Nishio area.


The background of Matcha production area, Nishio

Nishio area is warm, fertile and well-drained land. Yahagi-river has flowing in this area, and river fog is occured. This blessed land is suitable for cultivation of high-quality tea tree.
Also, Okazaki, next to Nishio area, is famous for the production of high-quality stones and many stone mills used for grinding Matcha are made in there.
Combination of blessed land and stone mills made high-quality Matcha industry in this area.

Tea Farm in Nishio area

Modern stone mills





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