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Matcha production flow

1) Cultivating

Nanzan-en’s Mathca production process is started with boosting the fertility of the soil. We are using our proprietary organic fertilizer for tea trees, and keep them under best condition.

Around April to May, tea farms are covered with sun shade to avoid sunlight. It causes characteristic flavor, less of bitterness, rich of umami and brilliant green color of Matcha.

Covering tea field

Young leaves in picking season

2) Picking, Steaming and Drying

In Nishio area, tea leaves picking is started in early May. After picking, freshly- picked tea leaves are steamed to prevent oxidization and keep them green color. Steaming process is one of the most important quality control points of the tea products. Then, tea leaves are being dried in the tunnel furnace. After drying, the end product is Aracha(crude tea) of Tencha(raw material of Matcha).

Drying process

Tencha(Aracha, crude tea)

3) Sorting

Aracha still contains stems, veins and poor quality leaves. In sorting process, they are removed and Aracha is turned to Shiagecha(refined tea) of Tencha.

Sorting facilities

Tencha(Shiagecha, refined tea)

4) Stone milling

Tencha is ground using stone mill to fine powder, Matcha. The particle is very fine and its size is around 4 micrometer. Stone milled Matcha has best of taste, flavor and color.

Stone milling process

Fine particle of Matcha





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